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Italy is coming to London on July 16-20, 2018
Location: Marconi Club

Camp Features

- Training objective. The Italy camp will introduce athletes to Italian football, what the requirements are, the pace, the logistics and the journey itself.
-Full suit will be provided for each player jersey, shorts and socks
-Catered Buffet Lunch at the Marconi Club.
-Sessions run from 9-12am and 1-3pm. 
-Each athlete of the day camp will receive a report card and certificate.

Coaches have been confirmed please see the camp page for up to date information here.


Registration is open you can now register here.


Eurostar opens new Indoor Facility as Dome closes

Eurostar opens a new indoor facility, the first one of its kind in 13 years. We are involved in the design, management and structure of the new Eurostar Center located at 38 Adelaide Street North. This was just in time before the Soccer Dome near the airport closed after serving London for more then 15 years.

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