Code of Ethics


This code of ethics has been developed to clarify and distinguish approved and accepted professional, ethical and moral behavior from that which is detrimental to the development of the sport of soccer.



  • Know all the rules. Have respect for the game.
  • Respect and cooperate with coaches, officials, teammates, administrators, opponents, and parents. (Parent’s attitude and their coach’s commitment influence players)
  • Players should know, understand and honor the commitments that they and their parents have made to coaches, teams, and leagues.
  • Respect equipment and playing sites. Do not destroy or steal anything, and properly dispose of any trash.
  • Expect to be treated fairly and with respect from all involved.
  • Behave properly in transit and at away games in other towns. One is representing their team and, more importantly, their club/town.


  • Have respect for other team’s players and coaches.
  • Always be sure to shake hands at the end of the game.


  • Always try your best to be a good player and person interacting with others.
  • Lead by example, both as players and teammates.
  • Do not show off, talk trash, or taunt anyone (players, referees, or coaches).
  • Players need to be involved with the game and stay in the designated area for the team next to the coach.


  • It's only a game; play to enjoy the game!
  • Respect team and league rules.
  • The use of alcohol, medicinal or performance enhancing drugs and tobacco, is prohibited by Eurostar Academy.
  • Expect coaches, parents, fans, game officials, and administrators to provide an environment where they can learn soccer, be safe, and have fun.


The term “Coaches” shall include, but is not limited to, Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Team

Manager/Trainer and/or Team / Club Representative.)


  • Never place the value of winning over the safety and welfare of players. Winning should be the result of preparation and discipline with emphasis placed on the highest ideals and character traits.
  • Instruct players to play within the written laws of the game and within the spirit of the game at all times.
  • Shall not seek unfair advantage by teaching deliberate unsportsmanlike behavior to players.
  • Should not tolerate inappropriate behavior from players regardless of the situation.
  • Demands on player’s time should never be so extensive as to interfere with academic goals and progress. Motivation for excellence should include academics as well as athletics.
  • Never encourage players to violate Eurostar Academy rules and policies.
  • Under no circumstances authorize or encourage the use of medicinal or performance enhancing drugs.
  • Players should be directed to seek proper medical attention for injuries and to follow the physician’s instructions regarding treatment and recovery.
  • At no time should a player be put at risk by returning from injury prematurely or by being forced to play while injured.
  • Attend your scheduled games and practices to fulfill your coaching responsibility.


  • Adherence to all Eurostar Academy and association league rules, policies and procedures. It is your responsibility to know and understand these rules, policies and procedures.
  • Player development and the growth of the player through participation are essential to the growth of the sport.
  • You must behave in such a manner that the principles, integrity, and dignity of the sport are maintained.
  • Attend mandatory coaching clinic.
  • Any problems that cannot be resolved should be referred to the appropriate Eurostar Academy official or Director.


  • Become thoroughly acquainted with and demonstrate a working knowledge of the laws of the game of soccer.
  • Coaches are also responsible to ensure that their players understand the intent as well as the application of the laws.
  • Adhere to the letter and spirit of the laws of the game.
  • Be responsible for their players’ actions on the field and must not permit them to perform with the intent of causing injury to opposing players.
  • Develop a strategy to implement and monitor the sportsmanship policies of the league.


  • Officials must have the support of coaches, players, and spectators. Criticism of officials undermines their purpose in the game. Always refrain from criticizing officials in the presence of players.
  • Strive to develop a line of communication with officials, giving each an opportunity to better understand the problems relating to their specific area. This section shall not be taken as an encouragement to debate referee decisions during the match.
  • On game day, officials should be treated with respect before, during, and after the game. Professional respect should be mutual and there should be no demeaning dialogue or gesture between official, coach, and player.
  • Coaches must not incite players or spectators or attempt to disrupt the flow of play.
  • Comments regarding an official should be made in writing to Eurostar Academy.


  • You have a responsibility to promote the game of soccer to the public. Comments and critiques of governing bodies, teams, coaches, players, parents, or etc should be positive and constructive, never prejudicial or inflammatory.
  • We all have the responsibility to assist players in conducting themselves properly when in public while representing their team, Member Association and Eurostar Academy.


  • Behavior must be such as to bring credit to yourself, organization and the sport of soccer. This is never more evident than on the day of the contest.
  • Rival coaches should meet prior to the game and exchange friendly or professional greetings. While the concept of rivalry is wholly embraced, it cannot take precedence over exemplary professional conduct.
  • Exhibit a respectful attitude towards players. The coach must confine himself / herself to the coaching area. The attitude of the coach towards officials, spectators, opposing players and coaches should be controlled and undemonstrative.
  • It shall be unethical to have any verbal altercation with an opposing coach, officials, or bench personnel during the game. Hostile physical contact with a player is considered highly unethical.
  • The coach’s foremost post game responsibility is his/her team.
  • Coaches should use their influence on unfriendly spectators that demonstrate intimidating behavior towards officials and opposing teams.
  • All Eurostar Academy members are advised to monitor their own team, to ensure they comply with the Eurostar Academy Code of Ethics / Conduct.


  • Stay in good standing in your referee association. Go to referee clinics and rules interpretation meetings. Stay current!
  • Work with parents and coaches. Know your individual and game responsibilities.
  • Be punctual. Follow your league guidelines concerning pre-game and post-game responsibilities.
  • Dress properly. Look sharp. Follow the league guidelines to the letter concerning uniforms and equipment, while providing a safe environment for participants.
  • Be decisive. Be confident. Be proud. Sell your calls. Carry yourself with integrity, humility, and honesty.
  • Develop a strategy to implement and monitor the sportsmanship policies of the league.


  • Have respect for the game, players, officials, parents, coaches, member association volunteers and fellow board members and deal with them in a patient, courteous and consistent manner.
  • Criticism channeled through the proper quarter should be educational, constructive, balanced and positive. Under no circumstances should it be demeaning or detrimental to the self respect of the individuals involved.
  • Always portray the Eurostar Academy in a positive light when dealing with the public.
  • If a problem arises it is common practice that we deal with our problems internally and always put the club before our personal goals.
  • Behavior where members make personal attacks on one another, and conduct that is detrimental to the development of club, along with portraying the club in a negative way, will not be tolerated, and may result in removal from position.
  • In dealing with the general membership and public, in person or through correspondence, it is vital that you always put the club in a positive light and keep it our prime focus. You are asked to respond with "no comment" if you can't answer the question following these guidelines!
  • If found to have behaved in a manner found to be detrimental to the Eurostar Academy, you will be verbally spoken to and warned for you first violation, and may be removed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors for second offence found to be detrimental.  


(Should be posted at all fields)

  • Tobacco and alcohol products should not be used at a game or practice site.
  • Show respect for public property.
  • Pay attention to the game and do not disturb those around you.
  • Treat the contest as a game not a war
  • Encourage those around you to display good sportsmanship.
  • Show good judgment. Be positive in your actions and words toward players, coaches, officials, and other fans.
  • Try to learn the rules of the game so that you may understand and appreciate why certain things take place.
  • Obey officials and league administrators who are responsible for keeping order 9) Stay off the playing field at all times during games.
  • Refrain from coaching any player.
  • Realize that it is a privilege to watch a child participating in any sport. 12) Practice empathy to the other fans and participants.


Any coaches, players, parents or administrators found guilty of violating the intent, the spirit, or rules of the Eurostar Academy Code of Ethics and Conduct, may be subject to probation, suspension and/or fines.

All matters shall be conducted in accordance with Eurostar Academy Discipline and Appeal Policies and Procedures.